This poem is dedicated to the beautiful and brave people of Iran -young and old rich and poor.

By Fariba Safai

I smile as I feel my lonely heart parched from a sea of green I smile
I smile as I walk the mountain of apathy to create a tiny crack that I would tear open only if I could only if I could with my saber of love draped in black and green, I declare myself look at me I need you and you need me too I smile

I smile at your incomprehension your fear your pity and your sympathy I smile
I smile knowing that you cannot see we are one of the same flesh and blood and veins I smile
I smile when you walk with me and say that you care yet frustrated by the unknown I smile
I smile for I wish I could tell you that you will never know and we will die not knowing I smile

I smile as I think of those beautiful young blossoms that are perishing as I write in hopes of capturing their brave hearts I smile
I smile knowing they are kept in dungeons where tortured is inflicted to render the spirit dead and if that is not enough, hung like lambs from light posts dangling by their necks I smile