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The flag of the Islamic Republic praises Allah, and its anthem expresses admiration to freedom.
But a malicious, evil code is concealed within this innocent looking flag and the harmless sounding anthem.
The video exposes this code. In the name of God and feedom the most basic human right -the right to live- is mocked by the regime of Iran, especially to eliminate political opponents. I feel horrified for the people who live under such a regime.

by Shlomo Hazan – @shariatmadari


Stoning is a most wicked way of execution, as is executing by torture. Only a state in which its rulers live literally in the stone age can be able to do this. This video tries to put the viewer at the point of view of the person (usually a woman) who is stoned. ~ Shlomo Hazan – @shariatmadari

What were the rigged elections of 2009 in Iran if not a scorn in bulk to the human rights of a whole people?
One of the main slogans of the huge demonstrations after the elections was “Where is my vote?”.
During those hopeful days of the post-election demonstrations it was very tempting to answer to this rhetorical question with humour.
Still there are some people in Iran that if held upside down, the stolen ballots will flow down from their pockets, along with the blood of the executed people from their hands. Not funny.
by Shlomo Hazan – @shariatmadari