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Video mon­tage ded­i­cat­ed to peo­ple in ev­ery coun­try in the world who are de­mand­ing their rights..
Mu­sic by FORZA “My City”

Pho­tographs from brave pho­to­jour­nal­ists who face dan­ger to bring us these im­ages, and share these vitally im­por­tant sto­ries of the strug­gle for free­dom.


It’s my city, my concrete
since the day I was born it’s been under my feet
under my skin, inside of my head
put my picture on the sidewalk
the day that I’m dead
Pour out some liquor, now break some bread
for the streets, people have bled
Pour out some liquor, now break some bread
for the streets, people have bled
Rise up my People, rise up, rise up my people x 3
It’s your city, your concrete
so shape the world that is under your feet
all messed up, yet tidy and neat
filled with love and controversy
stories of life, they’re carved in stone
you might not see us but you’re never alone
stories of life, they’re carved in stone
you might not see us but you’re never alone
Rise up my People, rise up, rise up my people x 3
Cause it’s our city, our concrete
silky soft, yet rugged and beaten
Urban jungle, sweet and sour
within the people you find the power
you find the light,
in the jungle you will learn to fight
you might fall, but not tonight
It’s all about the balance, left and right
If you agitate the snake, the snake will bite
So rise up my people. Rise up, rise up my people x 3


One Million Voices campaign seeks to amplify the legitimate demand for human rights of people in Iran. The world’s attention was focused on the millions who peacefully protested in the wake of the fraudulent June 12, 2009 presidential elections and the subsequent crackdown on students, women, religious and ethnic minorities, and those with any political leanings contrary to the hard-line government. This brutal crackdown continues, and the situation in Iran deserves continued global attention.

We are collecting one million signatures on a petition to demand global action against human rights violations in Iran. Our petition calls for European and other governments to restrict freedom of movement and freeze overseas assets of individuals in the Islamic Republic of Iran, targeting them specifically in protest of their documented human rights abuses and demanding the release of all political prisoners.

Additionally, it will demand from all potential sources of help the creation of a special court of human rights to prosecute the Islamic Republic’s leaders for their abuse of human rights, as described by the Green Lawyers Movement.

We echo the demands of those in Iran working tirelessly for civil and political rights, and we are inspired by the many other human rights based initiatives that pursue goals in line with the One Million Voices for Iran campaign. We are open to the idea of affiliating with any like-minded individuals or complementary causes.

via Million Voices Campaign.

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Various examples of artwork by lissnup from human rights campaigns for Iran


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Balloon from summer slumbers,
its blanket winter snow
Beneath the ashes, embers,
flame-born are still aglow
Its green spirit remembers
what Ashura will know

This poem is dedicated to the beautiful and brave people of Iran -young and old rich and poor.

By Fariba Safai

I smile as I feel my lonely heart parched from a sea of green I smile
I smile as I walk the mountain of apathy to create a tiny crack that I would tear open only if I could only if I could with my saber of love draped in black and green, I declare myself look at me I need you and you need me too I smile

I smile at your incomprehension your fear your pity and your sympathy I smile
I smile knowing that you cannot see we are one of the same flesh and blood and veins I smile
I smile when you walk with me and say that you care yet frustrated by the unknown I smile
I smile for I wish I could tell you that you will never know and we will die not knowing I smile

I smile as I think of those beautiful young blossoms that are perishing as I write in hopes of capturing their brave hearts I smile
I smile knowing they are kept in dungeons where tortured is inflicted to render the spirit dead and if that is not enough, hung like lambs from light posts dangling by their necks I smile