This year we are once again celebrating Human Rights Day, 10 December 2011, by highlighting the human rights crisis in Iran with a showcase for the work of artists, film makers, musicians, photographers and poets from the global arts community with appropriately themed works.

More information about the contributors here.

About One Million Voices: One Million Voices for Iran seeks to raise one million voices for human rights in Iran.  The world’s attention focused on the millions who peacefully protested in the wake of the fraudulent June 12, 2009 presidential elections and the subsequent crackdown on students, women, religious and ethnic minorities, and those with any political leanings contrary to the hard-line government. This brutal crackdown continues, and the situation in Iran deserves continued global attention. We are collecting one million signatures on a petition to demand global action against human rights violations in Iran.

Our petition calls for world governments to target individual officials of the regime by banning their travel to and freezing all assets held in their respective countries, targeting them specifically in protest of their documented human rights abuses and demanding the release of all political prisoners.

Additionally, it will demand from all potential sources of help the creation of a special court of human rights to prosecute the Islamic Republic’s leaders for their abuse of human rights, as described here.