This is dedicated to oppressed nations everywhere and especially to the brave people of Iran, their supporters on Twitter, and elsewhere.

Religion identifies a tremendous power in the universe that can dwell in personality. There is a power that can blast out defeat and lift a person above all difficult situations. This power of the mind is not emotion, but something far deeper, stronger and universal. Every human has this universal power. Every single one, regardless of any thing else.

On a daily basis, what we allow ourselves to believe and to think is manifest in who we are and how we behave. Our sense of identity, our interpretation of events and intentions, are all born as thoughts.
Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, behaviour are the lamp inside which the light of the human spirit shines. It follows that negative thoughts and beliefs dim that lamp and diminish that light.
Let’s think about the collective mind of Iran: a country of 70 million people. Iran, where the flow of communication has been choked to a miserable polluted trickle. Iran, a political culture of oppression and obsessive xenophobia that has perpetuated for 30 years.

Nothing can extinguish the true spirit of the Iranian people, only obscure it. For 30 years the Iranian Regime has been eating into Iran like a cancer. The IRI devours all that is good and healthy and depletes Iran’s resources. All the while the Islamic guardians have repeated their claims of righteousness and defended their actions.

But the IRI is a lie, all of it. A plain and simple lie, supported by a plain and simple truth: you can fool most of the people most of the time.

Iranians witnessed acts of immense hostility & heartless aggression against unarmed defenceless people. The threats – real or implied – which had fooled Iranians into creating a wall of fear became reality. People in Iran realised that they had been prisoners of their own imaginations. They had allowed their minds to be manipulated so their behaviour ensured each person was his own jailer.

The Iranian regime did not anticipate this, they’d committed the cardinal sin of believing their own lies. If you repeat something often enough and loud enough pretty soon everyone either shuts up or joins in. Even the aggressors become ensnared in their own web of deception. Now, whether they choose to believe it or not, the Iranian regime is only fooling itself.

The new power of their combined thinking and belief guides the people of Iran out to the streets. In cities and towns across Iran complete strangers discover that they are not alone, but part of a movement with deep roots and wide branches. They join together in peaceful protest. They chant, and the same words are echoed across great distances without rehearsal.
You might say a kind of magic happens. What’s really happening is they’re unleashing the power of their minds. Because once the source of fear become known, fear evaporates, and knowledge increases. When the unknown becomes known it releases light, the dawning of reality,
the power of the human consciousness takes over. Slowly at first, then in an overwhelming surging tide. This tide is the new mindset of the people of Iran. They have awoken.

The people of Iran now face those old fears in the cold light of reality.
With minds wide open they realise that THEY are Iran. Not the regime, not the clerics, not the constitution, but the people. With hearts wide open they believe that things must change, can change, will change.

Now more than ever the people of Iran need the support of the people of the world.
You don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval.
You don’t have to take a back seat and hope that world leaders will sort these problems out
You don’t have to tell Iranian people how to think or what to do.
You don’t even have to wear green. You just have to believe.
Let go of negative thoughts or ideas and believe in a free Iran.

Alternative Friday Prayer for Iran 13 November 2009 by @lissnup