The Earth bleeds
we stand around
hands in pockets
some shout retaliation
some scream futility
still the earth bleeds

We proclaim peace
accuse each other
march and protest
hold hands for inner warmth
love one another with venom
still the earth bleeds

We kill songs with rocks
torture memories
plead sides
and wonder
why the Earth
still bleeds

– Some never learn to hate

Peace is not a tourniquet
Peace is a new Earth.

A Word About My Work
My words are about human rights and dignity. Only with mutual respect can we hope to remove ourselves from war. Only with granting others the right to be as well as ourselves can we achieve mankind’s splendid goals. When we stop treating ourselves and others like animals and realize we are spiritual beings, only then do we have a chance for this planet to survive. larry jaffe 12/8/10.