AKA the Peace APP

To those
that run the world
into the ground
I hereby submit
an application
for peace

To those
that run around
in circles
and declare
the sky has fallen
in falsetto voices
I hereby submit
an application
for peace

This is not just
any application
it is an application
that runs
on multiple platforms
and is totally secure
from hackers
and warmongers

In short it enhances
everyone’s security

This is my application
for peace
at first glance
it may not seem
to be for everyone
or that it may not
be a panacea
for lost causes

But the truth
is that the Peace App
is the silver bullet

It will destroy disease
and corruption

It will eradicate terrorism

It is more powerful
than a lobbied congress

Or a president
with secret agendas

upon downloading
a bluish light
will halo your

Your files
will miraculously
be put in order

Your enemies
will become
your friends

Your friends
will be like

Your family
will have
no contentions

The blue light
will hold hands
and circle the planet

This is the Peace App…

The Peace App
will go viral
and set the record
for downloads

A Word About My Work
My words are about human rights and dignity. Only with mutual respect can we hope to remove ourselves from war. Only with granting others the right to be as well as ourselves can we achieve mankind’s splendid goals. When we stop treating ourselves and others like animals and realize we are spiritual beings, only then do we have a chance for this planet to survive. larry jaffe 12/8/10.